Mixed Media

I enjoy using my handmade paper for printing and photo transfers. Often this work is further enhanced by watercolor, pastels, mixed media, and encaustics.

Autumn Trio Copper Guardians Spring Song Native Trio #1 Native Trio #2 Dot Calm Yellow Birds New York New York Featherscape Cardinal in the Snow Whale Song Riverscape Book Club #1 Book Club #2 So Many Books So little time (outside) So Many Books So little time (inside) They Grow Up So Fast Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds The Girl Next Door No Gender Jacket Wise One Sunrise Blue Bird Sings Cardinal Bundle Autumn Song Feathered Friends Nester Dress for Fiesta Dress for Autumn Dress for Yellow Song Dress for Silverton Sunset Shirt Santa Fe Scrolls Totem Talk Old Gold Maui Blue Four Views Rainbow Fence Ancient Wall Mountain Dancers Doorwary to the Spirits She is Rooted in the Earth Joyful Dancing Grandmother's Moon Spirits Calling Honoring the Dancers Spirit Ladders Feather Reflections Helping Hand Turquoise Storm Natures' Music (4x4): #3, #2, #1, #5, #4, #6, #8, #9, #7 We Three (8x8) Listen to the Drum Watch the Dance (8x10) Harvest Moon (8x10) Red Chili Night (8x10) Ceremonial Necklace (6x6) Immunity Necklace (6x6) Ropes and Ladders (6x6) Solo (8x8) Hidden Spirit (8x8) Canyon Clouds (8x8) Chiefs (28x20) Sky Ladder (5x7) Monument Valley No.1 (9x11) Monument Valley No.2 (9x11) Barely There (9x16) Warriors (9x16)