Paper Relics

Many people are astounded when they realize that all of my work is done with handmade paper. I strive to achieve the look and feel of well worn ancient clothing pieces, honoring the Native American artists of the past who created works of art with their clothing.

Dress for Harvest Moon Paper Relics Dress for White Dear Colorado Dress Dress (Detail) Kokopellii Dress Journey Bundle Dancing Poncho Poncho for Little Elk Dress for Little Hummingbird Dress for Ocean Song Dress for Walking Cloud His Prayer Journey Red Chief's Shirt Red Storm's Journey Shirt for Ancient Ones Shirt for Blue Rain Turquoise Vista Turquoise Vista (Detail) Shirt for Chief Diamondback Dress for Turquoise Morning Dress for Medicine Women Dress for Medicine Women Poncho for Turquoise Sea Shirt for Copper Pony Shirt for Silver Mane Shirt for Blue Night Shirt for Starlight Dress for Little Bear Dress for Harvest Dance Dress for Harvest Dance Dress for Starry Night